3 Hidden Time-Wasters Lurking in Your Social Media Tool

Your team's social publishing tool has 2 important baseline responsibilities: to publish the right content at the right time and to save your team time when scheduling and posting to social media. We all know that many tool go far beyond that, and it's rare to find a tool that doesn't a boast a full page of additional features.

However, social media publishers weren't built to manage, monitor and measure your links. They are simply built to publish them. In this post, we'll discuss 3 major areas where your social media may be falling short, costing your team valuable time and resources. 

Time-Waster #1: The Inability to Edit Links

Real world examples:

  1. You’ve published a month-long campaign and realize halfway through that one messaging tactic is working significantly better than the other. You want to change all campaign links
  2. Oh no! You published a campaign pointed to the wrong link. Your choices are to A) Scramble to hard-code a redirect B) Delete the published campaign and re-post, losing the metrics you’ve collected so far and potentially annoying your audience (especially if you have to re-send an email campaign with the right link)

How to avoid it: If you use a link management tool like BudURL, the destination for a short URL can be edited in seconds with no technical skill required. Simply paste a new long URL and click update, and do this as often as needed. You won't have to change a thing within your social tool.

Time-Waster #2: Most built-in / generic link shorteners make stats public for anyone to view.

Real world example:

Any link posted from Bitly (and the majority of built-in link shorteners) has public stats attached to it unless your brand has specifically paid to hide them. This is not only a security hole but should you want to change that, you'd be in for a mountain of busywork to change or redirect the links to stop sharing your data. For any brand that has a library of assets, we're talking a major time suck to stop sharing your proprietary stats.   

Check out our blog post with several real world examples of public stats from national retail brands being widely available.

How to avoid it? Create your links in BudURL and then paste them into your social publisher of choice (or integrate directly with one of our partners.) Every link created with BudURL is private, period. There’s no sneaky way to view the stats. BudURL requires an approved user login to view all data - one of the reasons we are the first choice for financial services and healthcare brands. Also, our link migration wizard will help change your old links over without missing a click. 

Time-Waster #3: Building links with UTM tags is time-consuming and inconsistent, both on the creation and management side

Real world example:

Use Google URL builder to manually type your UTM parameters one by one. Copy the link into a spreadsheet for tracking. Shorten in a separate tool. Repeat for every single campaign link. Every team member who contributes links must go through this process individually, creating the potential that they type the parameters in slightly different, resulting in disjointed tracking in Google Analytics and difficult reporting.

How to avoid it? Enter BudURL's URL builder. Web analytics tags can be created by an admin to ensure consistency across the board, and anyone creating links uses handy dropdowns to add all the needed parameters in a few seconds. Add tags within the same page you use to create the short URL, shortening the process significantly and removing several time-consuming ongoing management requirements.

(Note: while UTM tags for Google Analytics are a common use case, this case applies to URL building parameters for any web analytics platform like Omniture or CoreMetrics)



Social media tools come and go, many that do a great job and some not so much. One thing they aren't built to do is manage links efficiently, and that means your team could be spending a ton of unnecessary time on that piece. BudURL can work beautifully with your social publisher to remove those pain points. 

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