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7 Ways to Save Time at Work with BudURL

There are many reasons why people begin using BudURL. While most folks come to us for advanced security or analytics, some of our most attractive attributes are features that help our users save time out of their busy work days. 
Whether you’re a busy marketer and BudURL pro or you’re new to link management and just dipping your toes in the water, these 7 tips will help you cut time out of your day so you can focus on the most important items on your to-do lists.
1. Archive your links.
With many campaigns to manage, it can be difficult to even think about keeping your link management system clutter-free. If you have links that you know will no longer be needed in a few days, a couple months, or even the end of the year, you can use our archive functionality to set a sunset date for them.
 When to use it:
  • Contests - When organizing contests that end on a certain date, set the expiry date as the archive date. From that day forward, anyone who accesses that URL will be sent to another landing page of your choice.
  • Security - Financial services, healthcare, or other highly regulated industry clients often need to send out short links in SMS or email that are only valid for a few minutes. 
  • Campaigns - Not sure what to do with all the social posts containing that Cyber Monday deal you’ve been promoting after the campaign has concluded? Set an archive date for the Cyber Monday link, and BudURL will redirect stragglers who click the link after Monday to a different landing page.

2. Shorten with the bookmarklet.

The BudURL bookmarklet is a widget that you can drag onto your browser’s toolbar. It allows you to shorten links (and even append URL parameters for analytics!) without opening a new browser tab. You’ll need to authenticate with your login credentials and API key the very first time you use the bookmarklet, but after that you won’t even have to log in. This means you can shorten a link in only 2 or 3 clicks! Don’t worry, our platform is still busy measuring and analyzing your traffic behind the scenes. If you want to see the metrics, just log in to BudURL as you normally would.
When to use it:
  • When you have to shorten many links at once, this is an excellent option especially if the destination URLs aren’t already in a spreadsheet somewhere. Simply navigate to the URL you want to shorten, then click the BudURL widget, and then click “Shorten”. You’re done!

3. Skip straight to the point with B-Link.

This feature is a new tool in our arsenal, and we’re excited to see how much it accelerates user workflows. B-Link is a landing page that lives within a company’s intranet for security, and allows any employee to quickly shorten links to whitelisted destination URLs.
When to use it:
  • Share B-Link with colleagues who may not need all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged BudURL account. For example, if you know you need to use a branded URL to satisfy brand guidelines but you won’t need to look at analytics yourself, B-Link will be the quickest way to create a shortened vanity link for your project.

4. Edit a link’s destination or vanity hash.

Ah, editability....in some ways this is at the heart of our feature set, so it breaks our hearts to hear when a marketer doesn't know how to edit a link with BudURL. Simply log in to BudURL, find your link, click edit, and then change whatever you need to tweak. You can change a destination URL or a vanity hash.
When to use it:
  • Oops moments - Did someone accidentally publish a link pointing to the wrong destination? Or perhaps the team decided to change the destination, but you want to preserve your existing post and its metrics? Simply edit the link’s destination, and BudURL will keep working for you seamlessly, without making you delete and re-publish your post.

5. Request weekly or daily summary reports.

Creating short links is often a “do it and forget about it” task. Once you’re finished, it’s easy to get caught up in other projects and completely forget about checking on your campaign’s progress. BudURL makes it easy to request automated daily or weekly summary reports on your link traffic - just go to your account settings and opt in with the check boxes you’ll see towards the bottom.
 When to use it:
  • If you’re managing many campaigns and want to keep a pulse on traffic without logging into BudURL every day.

6. Upload links in bulk.

Let’s say you have more than a handful of links you need to shorten today. This sounds like a job for the bulk uploader; simply download the template on the Upload Links page and you can easily create hundreds, or even thousands of short links in one quick click of the mouse.
url-builder.pngWhen to use it:
  • You have many links you need to upload at once.
  • You need to upload links, and you need to make sure they’re all automatically tagged with the proper URL parameters for Google Analytics or another measurement tool.
  • You can also edit links through the bulk uploader. Include the short hash in the proper column, make any necessary edits in your file, and re-upload. Don’t forget to check the option to override existing links with your new file.

7. Get notifications when your link has its first visitors.

When creating a link in BudURL, you have the option to request notifications from the first visits to your link. Don’t worry, we’ll only send you notifications for the first 10 visits.
When to use it:
  • This is another great “pulse check” to make sure everything is flowing smoothly through your social publishing workflow. Many of our users like this feature because the notification emails reassure them that the social post containing their link has been published and is generating traffic.
Hopefully employing these new features will save you some time in your day and increase your productivity. Do you have a favorite time-saving BudURL feature that we didn’t call out in this article? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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