Prefetching Can Affect Your Click Traffic Stats. Here’s What BudURL is Doing to Help

There's not a ton of information out there about prefetching, a term currently most relevant for marketers in regards to how Facebook is reporting clicks on mobile ads (more on what that means below). Whether or not you've heard of prefetching,[...]
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Add-On Value: 404 Reports

We've all been there: you check on a link you published awhile back and a horror washes over you: it's broken! How long has it been like that? How many people reached the 404 page? It's too late to understand that now, and all you know is you[...]

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Developer Chat: BudURL API Integration

BudURL is built to be molded by smart marketers and developers into the ideal tool for their organizations. The API is open, robust and RESTful. In our BudURL for Developers blog series, we'll highlight tips and tricks to use the API to integrate[...]

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How to Use UTM Codes


Most social media marketers are already riding on the Google Analytics bandwagon, but not everyone is correctly tagging and tracking their links using UTM (Urchin Tracking[...]

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How to Build a Killer Link Strategy for 2017 {Webinar}

Have you created a link strategy to guide your campaigns next year? The power of the link has grown exponentially, and a plan to harness your insights and ensure complete clarity across campaigns is a must-have for marketers planning to kill it[...]

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How to Track Insights for Holiday Campaigns

It's go-time for brand marketers - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and you won't pump the brakes until the sun starts setting on December 24. Every year you're upping the ante for killer holiday campaigns- but do you[...]

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BudURL Enterprise Add-Ons

The Case for Enterprise:

BudURL offers excellent customer service, custom branded domain(s), and multi-user support at every self-service plan level, so why upgrade to Enterprise? 

Our Enterprise platform is perfect for businesses who are ready[...]

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Clickstream Cleanup-AWS Clicks Removed

Beginning today, BudURL will be auto-deleting any click traffic that originates from Amazon Web Services (AWS).  To be clear, this means that any IP address assigned to a server at AWS will be removed from BudURL’s clickstream and underlying[...]

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See you at the Summit?

We're one week away from Spredfast Summit 2016 - still time to book your trip to beautiful Austin, Texas for a few days of fun in the sun- plus the chance to meet and greet with the world's best brands as they share valuable tips and tricks for[...]

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How to Set Up a Branded Short Domain

This is not an article that will help you decide if you need a branded short domain or not. Why? Because you absolutely need one! There's no valid reason not to brand your links and use them to collect valuable insights. Branded short domains**[...]

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