The 3 Biggest Problems with Link Tracking (and How to Solve Them!)

You know you should be tracking your links, but how? With myriad tools available, all promising the latest and greatest insights, it can be tough to decipher the best way to measure what matters. The link management gurus at BudURL have the[...]

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New Feature: Auto-Delete for Streamlined Link Management

We're happy to announce a sparkling new feature for all BudURL users- this one comes straight from the client request file! (We told you the answer is always yes.) Setting auto-delete dates for temporary-use links is good link management, to keep[...]

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Case Study: Marketing Data Security in Retail

In today's business world, not taking marketing data security seriously is tantamount to sending your competitors your annual marketing plan. Protecting customer data is important, but it's just as serious to protect your company's private data[...]

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The Real Cost of Free: Why Brands Need an Alternative to Bitly

A recent discovery about a popular link shortener company, Bitly, gave us pause- for many brand users may not realize that their data is being utilized for profit while their click analytics are being skewed.

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So Fresh, So Clean: The New

As spring flowers start to bloom and chills start to fade away into warmth, the BudURL team is thrilled to debut a fresh look and feel for!

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Spring Forward: 7 Tips to Be More Productive Right Now

Ahh, the first day of spring! Renewal is in the air, and it's a great time for some spring cleaning. No, we're not talking about the state of your garage - let's clean up some common habits that can decrease your productivity and spring forward[...]

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2 New Features for Even Better Link Management

The BudURL team is always dreaming up new features to help simplify link management for your team. For our BudURL Pro and Enterprise users, these 2 brand new capabilities will slash time spent editing and deleting old links.

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BudURL: Better Than Easy

The word "easy" gets a bad rap in the professional world these days. Take a look at the dictionary definition:

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5 Quick Tips For Effective Link Management

What is link management? It's a relatively new term that defines a business issue that's existed since the Internet became a viable sales channel. It encompasses the ecosystem of a link, not just how many clicks it gets once it's posted. It's a[...]

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The Answer is Always Yes at BudURL

There are hundreds of amazing technology tools out there to help you be the best you can be - Asana, Wunderlist, and Evernote, to name a few of our standbys. But what keeps you on track individually (perhaps by charging you a fine if you miss a[...]

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