3 Hidden Time-Wasters Lurking in Your Social Media Tool

Your team's social publishing tool has 2 important baseline responsibilities: to publish the right content at the right time and to save your team time when scheduling and posting to social media. We all know that many tool go far beyond that,[...]

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How it Works: Archive & Delete Function

BudURL is built so that managing your entire ecosystem is painless and seamless. The Archive or Delete feature was developed to help users who create links that they don't need forever with an automated self-destruct option. An important[...]

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How it Works: The BudURL Reporting Dashboard

The BudURL reporting dashboard offers an informative glance at your click traffic and user trends. It allows each user to take a broad or detailed look at the performance of their links, from total link clicks over the last 24 hours, to which[...]

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How to Use UTM Codes


Most social media marketers are already riding on the Google Analytics bandwagon, but not everyone is correctly tagging and tracking their links using UTM (Urchin Tracking[...]

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How to Track Insights for Holiday Campaigns

It's go-time for brand marketers - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and you won't pump the brakes until the sun starts setting on December 24. Every year you're upping the ante for killer holiday campaigns- but do you[...]

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BudURL Enterprise Add-Ons

The Case for Enterprise:

BudURL offers excellent customer service, custom branded domain(s), and multi-user support at every self-service plan level, so why upgrade to Enterprise? 

Our Enterprise platform is perfect for businesses who are ready[...]

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Clickstream Cleanup-AWS Clicks Removed

Beginning today, BudURL will be auto-deleting any click traffic that originates from Amazon Web Services (AWS).  To be clear, this means that any IP address assigned to a server at AWS will be removed from BudURL’s clickstream and underlying[...]

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10 New BudURL Features You'll Want to Check Out Immediately

The BudURL team has been hard at work building enhancements to add even more security, insights and seamless management to your link management strategy. Thanks to our customer-driven development strategy, all of these have been directly[...]

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7 Ways Agencies Win with BudURL

Agencies have special needs when it comes to link management - especially when it comes to managing clients in a wide range of industries. The BudURL platform is uniquely suited to not only meet the short link management needs for firms servicing[...]

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How to Use Links in Instagram (The Right Way)

There's no disputing Instagram as a mega-player in digital brand marketing today. Unlike other players though, there exists a very purposeful obstacle for brands: it's difficult to use links in Instagram.

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