#ProTip: Avoid the “Bounce House”


I was speaking with one of our enterprise customers recently when the topic of SEO, Short URLs, and redirects came up. After a bit of conversation, they decided to have their SEO firm do some research and chime in with an official response. In a[...]

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10 Reasons Great Brands Use Short Branded URLs

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have started, and just last week we watched the Seattle Seahawks be crowned the world’s football champions. This month is an inspiring time to want to be like the world’s greatest.

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The API of BudURL Sews All Social Media Tools Together (& Saves User $5,000/month)

This is the real story of how an “open and robust API” can save the day. The team at 44Doors was able to use the API of BudURL to sew together various social media tools to make a streamlined solution for a company. By getting all of these social[...]

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Mobile Micro-Sites from VIEO Design

I had the privilege of speaking with the Principal and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at VIEO Design, Mac Bartine, about his experience with BudURL.

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The Sean Storey Story: Snooker Player to Internet Entrepreneur

Sean Storey was born in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, and grew up to be a professional Snooker player. His success began as a professional sportsman, with many highlights along the way. In 1997, he claimed the record as the first cueist to[...]

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Saturday Morning Storytelling: The Herschel Story on Twitter

Saturday Morning Storytelling:

The Herschel Story, How a Small Business Became Large Using Twitter

Howdy y’all!

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Saturday Morning Storytelling: Sage Kotsenburg Will Inspire You to Wing It

Sage Kotsenburg Will Inspire You to Wing it

Or in his lingo, "Huck It"

Last week was the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The energy all week has been high, spurring an unreal showing of athletic ability.

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Saturday Morning Storytelling: The Seahawks Wear their "Jersey" On and Off the Field

First, we must start by saving CONGRATULATIONS TO

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Rebecca’s Cupcake Shop (Small Business) Uses Mobile Landing Pages

Rebecca’s Cupcake Shop (Small Business) Uses BudURL Mobile Landing Pages

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THE QR CODE: Size Matters.

"So, how big should my QR Code be, Elizabeth?" asked the engaged marketer learning to be effective and tech savvy with QR codes.

So glad you asked, engaged marketer. Thanks for respecting the QR code; thanks for learning what those "black and white[...]

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