Client Spotlight: Financial Services

Anyone with any familiarity with highly-regulated industries like financial services: nothing is simple when it comes to moving data around. 

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Add-On Value: Single Sign-on Integration

A direct product of BudURL's ongoing commitment to customer-driven development, single sign-on integration is now available as an enhancement to your BudURL installation.

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BudURL Enterprise Add-Ons

The Case for Enterprise:

BudURL offers excellent customer service, custom branded domain(s), and multi-user support at every self-service plan level, so why upgrade to Enterprise? 

Our Enterprise platform is perfect for businesses who are ready[...]

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Is Your Barn Door Open?

Most of us are familiar with this old adage from our primary school days.  In simpler terms, this saying is often used to imply that “your zipper is down.”  This phrase is typically used with kids or in mixed crowds to make a discreet observation[...] Read more →

Safeguard Your Marketing from Spies

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