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How to Use Links as Anchors for Your Changing Organization

Whether your organization operates by a “move fast and break things” mentality, or a “move as quickly as we can while keeping up with compliance standards and trying not to break things” mentality, chances are high that you go through many technological changes every year, if not every quarter. When the SaaS seas start moving quickly, proper link management can act as an anchor for your organization, keeping you centered even in the storm.

Here are a few ways that you can use link management with BudURL to stay on track even when your technology stack is constantly shifting.

  1. Allow BudURL to be your link of record. Although your technology stack may be in constant flux, it’s guaranteed that every single piece of software in your toolset uses links. BudURL can function as a link of record for your organization, helping you keep an eye on your most important assets. You can even use BudURL to view employee and customer interaction with those resources to determine which tools are most valuable to your organization.
  1. With many tools interacting with and using links, occasionally the wrong link can squeeze by safeguards and make it to publication. BudURL’s flexible editing allows you to edit your link destination or link hash at any time, no matter what may go awry with social posts or new technologies. Here are a couple examples that show when flexible editing can come in handy:
  • Did a short link process through your social publishing platform without the proper UTM parameters? You can go back into the BudURL platform and edit the destination URL to include those important analytics tags without editing the social post.
  • Was the short link to register misprinted? Simply go back into BudURL and edit the link hash to match the one that was printed. Problem solved!
  1. Use auto-migration to seamlessly transition links to BudURL from other tools. If your organization has been in marketing communications or social media for a long time, then you probably have piles of valuable links that are already “in the wild”. If you’re moving over to BudURL, you won’t want to start from scratch. BudURL can proactively auto-discover existing short links for your domain and import them into BudURL, all without requiring you to struggle through complicated exports and Excel files.
  1. Your data is always yours, and always available. We integrate with the software systems that are already in your organization’s ecosystem. We have a robust, open API that operates in tandem with many other tools, no matter how often they change. Regardless of how much data you keep in BudURL, we’ll make sure you have easy access to it at all times. When you’re using many tools, you can look to BudURL as a central source that will hold data for every interaction across your organization that involved linking.

Still feeling lost in the midst of changing technology systems? Feel free to contact our team with any questions. We’d love to explore how BudURL can act as an anchor for your company’s changing structure.

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