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5 Ways BudURL Improves Intimacy

With the day of love upon us, why not look for intimacy and support in all areas of our lives? Our link management platform may not be top of mind for this wonderful feeling... but hear us out!

There are five variations of the definition of[...]

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QR Codes by the Glass: a Look at Guiness's use of QR Codes

I recently read about BBDO’s use of QR codes for their client, Guinness (the beer, not the list of world records). I thought we would take a look at the campaign and talk about the pros and cons, how it might be different, and provide our take on[...]

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#ProTip: Language-Based Routing

One of our global beverage clients recently shared a challenge with us regarding the requirement of some countries (in this case, Canada) requiring that certain types of content must be published in both English and French.  Our client was faced[...]

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#ProTip: Labels for Better Reporting

After using BudURL for a length of time, it is easy to create pages and pages of links and QR codes. When you have dozens or hundreds of people creating new items every day, the list can become unwieldy – unless you use Labels. Capture features a[...]

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#ProTip: If You Link It, Shrink It

As a marketer, how often do you link to online content from emails, newsletters, text messages, signage, handouts, brochures, and advertisements? Unless you are on vacation, the answer is likely “daily.” So many times I have seen ads for[...]

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3 > 1: QR codes, SMS, Short URL

#ProTip: 3 > 1

When creating your mobile call-to-action, always remember that 3 is greater than 1.  In more examples than I can count, marketers fail to enlist the three most common ways to engage with mobile users.  I’ve seen URLs (many of them[...]

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ProTip: QR Code Best Practices

The debate around QR codes has been a lively one.  Some claimed they were dead about the same time they began to find favor with marketers.  Others put on a more creative hat and found some very creative ways to put them into action.  Agree or not,[...]

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#ProTip: Avoid the “Bounce House”


I was speaking with one of our enterprise customers recently when the topic of SEO, Short URLs, and redirects came up. After a bit of conversation, they decided to have their SEO firm do some research and chime in with an official response. In a[...]

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Is Your Barn Door Open?

Most of us are familiar with this old adage from our primary school days.  In simpler terms, this saying is often used to imply that “your zipper is down.”  This phrase is typically used with kids or in mixed crowds to make a discreet observation[...] Read more →

Dazed and Confused about the FCC texting rules?

We’re from Austin and we can help!  The new FCC texting rules took effect on October 16th and we know there are many different camps of folks out there – some marching forward with fully compliant systems and processes in place, and some marching[...] Read more →

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