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Auto-Migration: Set Your Links Free

When it comes to choosing a tool to manage your links and analytics, it's very common to focus on other features and view the links as an after-thought. The content and campaign strategy is what matters, right? Until you need to change the destination of a prolific campaign link. Or you need an easy way to route your audience by device or language. When that happens, those tools that treat links as an afterthought just don't cut it. 

Hindsight is 20/20 - we get it. That's why we've developed BudURL Migration Services to offer a concierge experience to facilitate exporting and redirecting your links from a tool that just isn't working. 

We realized that Auto-Migration was an absolute must-have on our roadmap when we heard a common theme within conversations with clients and prospects:

  • My current tool does not have an export option
  • They're telling me my business' links are their property, there's no way to redirect them
  • How do I start over and manage my existing links in the old tool and new links in another, since I can't move them?

Talk about a bad user experience- especially when it doesn't have to be that way.

We don't take no for an answer, so the BudURL team has developed a wizard to help you take control of what is yours - no matter what the tool you are trying to ditch may tell you.  

Whether you have 10, 200 or 10,000 existing links and are looking to move them to BudURL for better management, we can help.  

HOW IT WORKS: As a new BudURL client, we'll set up an auto-discovery script for your existing links. Whenever a user clicks on one of your links hosted with the old tool, BudURL will ‘auto-discover’ it, snag it and create it on our platfrom while redirecting it to the intended destination. Your regular traffic is essentially doing the work for you, sending links over to your new tool as the clicks flow in. 

When you're ready to ditch the old tool completely, you'll update your DNS to point to our servers, and magic - your links are never broken and are now incorporated into our analytics and tracking system. The links created with your old tool will continue to move over seamlessly as they receive traffic. 

We’ve successfully auto-discovered and migrated over 5,000,000 links for our customers from platforms including Bitly, Po.st, Hootsuite and ShortSwitch. If you want to move from another platform not listed here, let us know and we can make it happen.

BOTTOM LINE: Your links are your property and no tool should ever attempt to hold your data hostage. Don’t let your past vendors have the last word on what your business needs! 

Ready to set your links free? Let's talk!

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