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Communication Strategy involves Neuroscience.. "Start with WHY" with Simon Sinek

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As marketers, you’re probably pushing out TONS of content to feed the SEO monster.

But, rich content creation is not exclusively for right brained creatives who like to write and create. In fact, marketers can really benefit from understanding the hard science behind our neurological processing of communication.

The inspiring Simon Sinek really dives into the neurobiology of how we process language, develop trust, gut feelings, and make decisions in his Ted Talk called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. (Yes. Stop what you’re doing. Take 18 minutes and 35 seconds and watch this inspiration.)

We have put together a couple of visuals to help y’all remember an effective way of communicating in a way to inspire and build trust instead of making a sales pitch.

Absolutely take the very few minutes to watch this Ted Talk.

And, begin making a list of your “Whys” to share with yourself, your company, and your customers.

the golden circle simon sinek notes image budurlstart with why notes simon sinek budurl

"WHY" did we create theses?

Simon Sinek's lecture references truths that we should constantly remind ourselves of. These images are easy references when you need a little boost in your content marketing strategy.



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