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How it Works: The BudURL Reporting Dashboard

The BudURL reporting dashboard offers an informative glance at your click traffic and user trends. It allows each user to take a broad or detailed look at the performance of their links, from total link clicks over the last 24 hours, to which social media platform drove the most traffic in the last 6 months. Every chart and graph on the reporting dashboard is available for download in multiple formats.

The dashboard is comprised of 4 main sections. In order to help you better find and utilize the stats that the dashboard gives you, I’ll break down each section below.

Filtering Menu:

v2.5 filter bar.png

This drop down menu allows you to select a time frame, user, and label in order to filter your analytics. This is very useful if for example, you only want to see the clicks from a specific campaign that happened in the last month, or compare links based on a specific tag.

Click Performance Graphs:

v2.5 total click graphs.png

This section contains two line graphs, total clicks and hourly clicks. The former is a great way to gain an understanding of your click traffic as a whole. The latter shows the time of day that the clicks in the previous graph were recorded. Knowing the time of day is helpful for timing the publication of your content, so that you know exactly when your content will reach the biggest portion of your audience.

Referral and Device Charts: 

v2.5 device pie charts.png

This section is made up of four pie charts, which track desktop versus mobile clicks, the top 10 devices that your links were clicked on with, top 10 labels, and top 10 referring sites. These charts help you gain a better understanding of your audience, because you can see what devices and what social media platforms are most popular amongst the people engaging with your content. This information can be validated by using labels to tag your links, since some social media sites don’t always allow for accurate referral data to be collected.


v2.5 location pie charts.png

Thanks to the above section, you already know how your audience is viewing your content, but do you know where on the globe they’re viewing it from? The heat map gives you a look at your click traffic on a worldwide scale. In addition, pie charts for top 10 cities, top 10 regions, and top 10 countries allow you to take a geographical look at where your content has been the most successful.


BudURL collects a massive amount of data behind your clicks. The reporting dashboard is an excellent place to start understanding trend, but there's a lot more where that came from. The BudURL platform is built to allow access to data in it's rawest form, so you are free to slice and dice it how you please. Advanced features like conversion tracking, dynamic routing and URL builder will unlock even more insights, adding clarity to your reporting that was never possible before. 

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