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How to Track Insights for Holiday Campaigns

It's go-time for brand marketers - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and you won't pump the brakes until the sun starts setting on December 24. Every year you're upping the ante for killer holiday campaigns- but do you have the tracking in place to take credit for your work (and see where your campaign may have fallen short?)

Here's what we know as a team that eats, sleeps, and breathes link tracking:

  1. Your social media publishing tool is not good enough to be your sole reporting tool. It probably tracks clicks for you and not much else- don't you want to know exactly where your traffic came from?
  2. Your links should be branded and be as smart as you are- meaning they can detect if your audience is on mobile or desktop, and route them dynamically. You can take it to the next level and route them to different promotions by date or time of day, too!
  3. You want to go beyond the click- you need conversion goals that show audience behavior after they click your short link.

If you have the tools and planning in place to cover the three must-haves above, you can feel confident in delivering a mind-blowing attribution report to your team- and ensure you have the insights to top it next year. 

And what if you don't? Here's why you need BudURL, stat:

  1. Raw insights- we track everything, and you can slice and dice it however you please, including exporting all of it into your analytics tool of choice.
  2. Dynamic routing and editable links- route your links by audience behavior and get super crafty with targeted campaigns. Whoops, sent the wrong link to 50k subscribers in your Cyber Monday email? Edit the destination in seconds and skip the heart attack.
  3. Conversion tracking and UTM tags- ditch your spreadsheet and add UTM tags to links as your shorten them- then add conversion goals and shine some light into your user's behavior after the click (without ever leaving the BudURL platform!)

We know the holidays are around the corner and you need solutions fast. It's not too late to set yourself up for holiday marketing success - we'll get you set up super quick so you can hit the ground running. 

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