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Rebecca’s Cupcake Shop (Small Business) Uses Mobile Landing Pages

Rebecca’s Cupcake Shop (Small Business) Uses BudURL Mobile Landing Pages

For the Superbowl XLVIII, Winter Olympics in Sochi, and Valentine’s Day 2014

Rebecca graduated from a small engineering school in Colorado years ago with her Civil Engineering degree. In recent years though, inspiration struck, and she decided that the real math she enjoyed was measuring baking ingredients. She opened up her dream cupcake shop.

As with any small business owner in our mobile world, she has both her brick and mortar store, and an online website that is a virtual extension of her shop, open 24-hours. Like most marketers, she does her part in feeding Google’s content monster, and in finding ways to attract and entice new customers with relevant promotions. She also decided that seasonal decorations and “Happy Hour” signs on her brick and mortar store only covered half of her shop’s total target audience.

She needed a way to announce promotions, and to track who was interested.

So, she uses BudURL for all of her tracking and announcements online and through QR codes. She pushes out promotions, and tracks her Return On Investment by using BudURL’s mobile landing pages. In fact, for the upcoming month of February 2014, she has several big promotional events very close together.

By using BudURL’s mobile landing pages, she can customize a direct website designed for each of her promotions.

Just like creating a regular BudURL link she can go to…

  1. >Add New Link
  2. >Choose her custom branded domain name for her short URL
  3. >Designate the “Destination Type” as “Mobile Micro-Site”

After that, the template allows her to insert:

  • A company logo
  • A YouTube video (which will not take customers off the landing page, or suck them into the YouTube watching vortex, only for them to forget about her cupcakes.)
  • A  relevant message to one of February’s fun world events
  • A Facebook “Like” button
  • A “Capture Email” option for people to opt-in to her newsletter and promotions. *Rebecca's favorite

Like with any of her short URLs, she can:

  • Customize the alias of the micro-site
  • Add notes about what event it was promoting
  • Label for easy data searching and reporting later

She is even planning on sending out direct mail with a printed QR code on it for all of February’s events. As the February events change, she can edit the direction of the QR code to point to the relevant content she wants.

One QR code, for multiple holidays. Party on.

If you’re interested in utilizing your mobile landing pages, don’t hesitate to start.

Simply follow what Rebecca did for her cupcake shop.

If you’re interested in mobile landing pages that can AUTOMATICALLY ROUTE TRAFFIC based on rules you set, like:

  • Language (if they speak English direct them here, si se habla Español envíelos a esta página)
  • Geographical location
  • Device type
  • Time of Day
  • Day of the Week

… consider this Dynamic Link Routing feature on Captix.

Rebecca is considering using Captix to continue tracking, with more features, and to automatically set rules on her mobile landing pages so that it can push one promotion in the morning, and a different promotion later in the day for Happy Hour.

Since this is done in minutes, Rebecca can save time and spend more time baking, eating, and sharing her creations.

BudURL’s mobile landing pages are small websites that need no domain hosting, are independent of coding, perfect for one subject content, optimized for mobile, easy to create with a fillable form template, and completely customizable.

#ProTIP : Mobile landing pages are great ways to capture insight and email addresses.

Get started with your own today.

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