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Not Just for Social Media: How Short Links Can Improve Reporting Across Your Organization

Technology changes rapidly, and keeping your organization up-to-date with the trends feels like a full time job for digital marketers. Although navigating from one software platform to another often looks like a maze, one thing that all SaaS products have in common is links.

Our most successful clients employ intelligent and strategic short links to create a “link of record” for their companies, ensuring that important analytics will be preserved through changes in software platforms.

If you’re ready to create and nurture a digital platform that will preserve and aggregate your data, we recommend plugging short links in to your company’s ecosystem everywhere that they will fit. Every company is different, but here are a few areas of your company where you can get started with short links.

Short Link Ecosystem.png

 Social Media

In this era, Social teams are given many responsibilities, ranging from social listening to content creation to planning and publishing. Given the importance of social media to consumers today, this is no easy job for a single team of people often scraping by with few resources. Go-Gulf research reports that most social media teams consist of less than four people, and only 22% percent of companies are planning to expand their social teams within the next year.

With all the above activities already commanding most of the day for a Social Media Manager, not much time is left for data analytics. According to Sprout Social, 80% of businesses are planning to incorporate social media analytics into future marketing campaigns. While it’s tempting to measure success for social media campaigns based on engagement such as “likes” and “follows”, it’s crucial to also measure customer follow-up. How many people are actually clicking the link in your Facebook post and following through to purchase? Using intelligent short links in social media can help you track these conversions, giving you hard data and analytics to prove that your company’s investment in social media is worth it.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing team structure varies wildly from company to company, but odds are favorable that this is the team cultivating your digital marketing software toolset. As such, digital marketers are often the best champions for short link use within a company.

Digital marketers are expected to measure and report success of digital campaigns, and referring back to analytics obtained from short links used across all platforms is often easier than looking at reporting from each specific platform and then aggregating data. For example, if a team runs a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it is easier to look within a link management system for aggregate analytics than to compare data from each platform.

It’s also worth noting that most social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are not transparent about how they measure interaction with advertisements. Our research has shown that these platforms each define a “click” differently, and often include other types of engagements in their click count reporting. When you use a link management system like BudURL that provides you with easy-to-understand raw click data, you know exactly how we define a “click” and can trust that we are truly platform agnostic.


For many companies, retail is the final frontier. Once packing is out and on the shelves, we cross our fingers and wait to see what sells the best. Some clever companies, however, are beginning to use short links on their packaging to monitor in-store customer engagement with their products. You can do this by including QR codes on packaging. The short links inside these QR codes direct potential customers to helpful content that encourages them to buy, all while reinforcing your brand presence.

Beacon technology is also being used “in the wild” in retail stores to attract customers to their retail products. Beacons ping the phones of customers as they physically pass through an area, pushing content to them through a link embedded in the beacon. If your organization is considering using beacons, be sure to use a short link that can be easily edited. This will save you money and time by allowing you to change the destination URL along with your campaigns, all while re-using the same beacons for each initiative.

Human Resources

Human Resources departments recruit new talent, cultivate company culture, manage employee well-being, and much more. They use links for a variety of tasks ranging from job postings to event promotion. HR teams can employ short links to determine what channels are gathering their best applicants so they can recruit the very best talent while conserving resources. They can also use short links to see which employees are engaging with various types of content and resources.

How does your company use short links? Which teams within your organization use short links the most creatively? We’d love to hear about your link management ecosystem in the comments. If you need help figuring out where to start or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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