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10 New BudURL Features You'll Want to Check Out Immediately

The BudURL team has been hard at work building enhancements to add even more security, insights and seamless management to your link management strategy. Thanks to our customer-driven development strategy, all of these have been directly[...]

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7 Ways Agencies Win with BudURL

Agencies have special needs when it comes to link management - especially when it comes to managing clients in a wide range of industries. The BudURL platform is uniquely suited to not only meet the short link management needs for firms servicing[...]

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How to Use Links in Instagram (The Right Way)

There's no disputing Instagram as a mega-player in digital brand marketing today. Unlike other players though, there exists a very purposeful obstacle for brands: it's difficult to use links in Instagram.

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Omnichannel Campaign Reporting with Labels

Omnichannel marketing is the strategy discussion topic du jour among digital marketers in our circles. We wrote about using smart link management to power an omnichannel campaign right here - in this post, let's talk about reporting.

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Search Even Better with New Filtering Upgrades

Oh, happy day! As part of our continued platform upgrades, we've added 2 new features to the BudURL Pro link manager. Both will allow for more nuanced reporting, and (we hope) make your work just that much easier.

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Meet the New BudURL Pro Interface

You may remember earlier this year that our public website got a new look. The BudURL team is now thrilled to share that the BudURL Pro platform interface has a fresh new upgrade too, and we think you'll love it.

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Link Management Success Story: Device-Based Routing for Global Retail

As you might imagine, the marketing team for a renowned international retailer with over 1,700 stores (plus new ones opening every month) has quite a few spinning plates to balance. This team was doing everything right when it came to strategy -[...]

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Link Management Success Story: Coca-Cola and Canadian Packaging Laws

What's the difference between creating shortened links and employing a true link management strategy to manage your data ecosystem? Not getting painted into a corner when an unexpected business challenge arises.

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What is Deep Linking and Why Does It Matter?

Deep linking is bit of a strange term when you first hear it - my response was something akin to "it's a link, but, it goes deeper? Like a page jump?" Really, deep links have existed since you started using the internet, we just haven't called[...]

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#Inbound15 Recap: 4 Takeaways Marketers Can Use Today

Our Hubspot Inbound 2015 recap is here! If you're not familiar with Inbound, it's a small, intimate gathering of 14,000 marketers in Boston with a focus on inbound marketing methodologies. (We kid. It's huge and crazy and we highly recommend it.)

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