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Not Just for Social Media: How Short Links Can Improve Reporting Across Your Organization

Technology changes rapidly, and keeping your organization up-to-date with the trends feels like a full time job for digital marketers. Although navigating from one software platform to another often looks like a maze, one thing that all SaaS[...]

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Chatbots: How Do They Work and Where Do Links Come In?

Integrating bots into customer care and digital marketing strategy is a hot topic among our clients and integration partners, and we're seeing lots of discussion around when, how and why to utilize them. Links play an important role in any[...]

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The Real Cost of Free, Part 2: You Get What You Pay For

Using a free tool to generate links to your content seems convenient in the short term, but it's not a good practice for businesses looking to stay competitive and savvy towards the future of marketing. Click here to read Part 1 of this series

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4 Essential Rules of Linking

It's probably a given that here at BudURL, we believe the link matters. But hey, we can talk about best practices and advanced strategies all day and still see some of the world's greatest brands making the most basic of mistakes when it comes to[...]

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Multiple Domains: Are You Doing it Right?

Today we are talking domain management - you have your primary domain, and your branded short domain. When does it make sense to go beyond that? (Note: If you're already confused, start here.) 

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BudURL Enterprise Add-Ons

The Case for Enterprise:

BudURL offers excellent customer service, custom branded domain(s), and multi-user support at every self-service plan level, so why upgrade to Enterprise? 

Our Enterprise platform is perfect for businesses who are ready[...]

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See you at the Summit?

We're one week away from Spredfast Summit 2016 - still time to book your trip to beautiful Austin, Texas for a few days of fun in the sun- plus the chance to meet and greet with the world's best brands as they share valuable tips and tricks for[...]

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How to Set Up a Branded Short Domain

This is not an article that will help you decide if you need a branded short domain or not. Why? Because you absolutely need one! There's no valid reason not to brand your links and use them to collect valuable insights. Branded short domains**[...]

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10 New BudURL Features You'll Want to Check Out Immediately

The BudURL team has been hard at work building enhancements to add even more security, insights and seamless management to your link management strategy. Thanks to our customer-driven development strategy, all of these have been directly[...]

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7 Ways Agencies Win with BudURL

Agencies have special needs when it comes to link management - especially when it comes to managing clients in a wide range of industries. The BudURL platform is uniquely suited to not only meet the short link management needs for firms servicing[...]

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