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#ProTip: Language-Based Routing

One of our global beverage clients recently shared a challenge with us regarding the requirement of some countries (in this case, Canada) requiring that certain types of content must be published in both English and French.  Our client was faced[...]

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3 > 1: QR codes, SMS, Short URL

#ProTip: 3 > 1

When creating your mobile call-to-action, always remember that 3 is greater than 1.  In more examples than I can count, marketers fail to enlist the three most common ways to engage with mobile users.  I’ve seen URLs (many of them[...]

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Dazed and Confused about the FCC texting rules?

We’re from Austin and we can help!  The new FCC texting rules took effect on October 16th and we know there are many different camps of folks out there – some marching forward with fully compliant systems and processes in place, and some marching[...] Read more →

10 Reasons Great Brands Use Short Branded URLs

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have started, and just last week we watched the Seattle Seahawks be crowned the world’s football champions. This month is an inspiring time to want to be like the world’s greatest.

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7 Ways to Get More Clicks for Conversions, Registration, Thought Leadership, Branding & More

At the end of the day, the one thing we’re all after is making conversions – for sales, signups, volunteering, awareness, and more. The way to do that today is to engage with your consumer, push out relevant content, and follow what is working.

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What Martin Luther King, Jr. Can Teach Us About Inspiring an Audience

Since one of our heroes is Martin Luther King Jr., it’s only appropriate to remember his inspiring work as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. We remember him for his invaluable contributions to social justice, and his gift of communication,[...]

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Safeguard Your Marketing from Spies

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The API of BudURL Sews All Social Media Tools Together (& Saves User $5,000/month)

This is the real story of how an “open and robust API” can save the day. The team at 44Doors was able to use the API of BudURL to sew together various social media tools to make a streamlined solution for a company. By getting all of these social[...]

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Why Do I Get so Much Click Traffic from Ashburn, Virginia?

In a recent company survey, just for fun, we asked what city our users were getting the most traffic from. Multiple responses replied: Ashburn, Virginia.

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Mobile Micro-Sites from VIEO Design

I had the privilege of speaking with the Principal and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at VIEO Design, Mac Bartine, about his experience with BudURL.

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