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Beyond the Click: Tracking What Matters Most {Webinar}

Tracking clicks to your links is the very first step at measuring engagement with your content, but what comes next? Understanding how to track conversions and which channels are driving them can be an uphill battle. How can you prove the value[...]

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How to Build a Killer Link Strategy for 2017 {Webinar}

Have you created a link strategy to guide your campaigns next year? The power of the link has grown exponentially, and a plan to harness your insights and ensure complete clarity across campaigns is a must-have for marketers planning to kill it[...]

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What is Deep Linking and Why Does It Matter?

Deep linking is bit of a strange term when you first hear it - my response was something akin to "it's a link, but, it goes deeper? Like a page jump?" Really, deep links have existed since you started using the internet, we just haven't called[...]

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6 Actionable Insights from Go Inbound Marketing 2015

This year's Go Inbound Marketing Conference (rebranding for next year as the And Conference), held in Indianapolis on June 22, was chock-full of excellent content regarding the state of inbound marketing today. With dual tracks on Science +[...]

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Bulk Link Migration: A Platform Hack for Al Jazeera

This post is part of the BudURL blog series “Beyond Social“, highlighting innovations in link management that go above and beyond social media.

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Ask an Expert: Why Do I Need Link Management?

URL shortening as a technique began humbly in 2000 when the first patent was filed, but it wasn't until character count became a precious commodity with the explosion of Twitter onto the scene in 2006 that it quickly became a staple for smart[...]

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Case Study: Marketing Data Security in Retail

In today's business world, not taking marketing data security seriously is tantamount to sending your competitors your annual marketing plan. Protecting customer data is important, but it's just as serious to protect your company's private data[...]

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The Real Cost of Free: Why Brands Need an Alternative to Bitly

A recent discovery about a popular link shortener company, Bitly, gave us pause- for many brand users may not realize that their data is being utilized for profit while their click analytics are being skewed.

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Which Brands Won The Big Game?

Now that the annual hubbub around the commercials during Big Game #49 is settling (and our emotional heartstrings are recovering), let’s talk about the content strategy we saw on the field this year.

The BudURL team hit the locker room to[...]

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#ProTip: Avoid the “Bounce House”


I was speaking with one of our enterprise customers recently when the topic of SEO, Short URLs, and redirects came up. After a bit of conversation, they decided to have their SEO firm do some research and chime in with an official response. In a[...]

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