What is link management?

People often think of link management as simply tiny links for social media, but in fact, link management is much more than that.

In a nutshell, a link management platform offers:

  • Custom short domains - multiple domains if you're managing multiple brands or business lines
  • Editable links - change the destination of a short URL or QR code at any time, giving you the flexibility to use short URLs in large campaigns and print materials with no risk 
  • Dynamic link routing - route one shortURL to many different destination based on "if,then" rules - ensuring your audience sees the right content at the right time 
  • Secure and advanced analytics - a powerful dashboard with guaranteed data security for painless and informed reporting and decision-making
  • Flexibility - a robust API ensures your link management flows seamlessly with other marketing tools, and a dedicated team helps customize your experience to ensure your business needs are met

Link Management Q&A

What does link management mean? What should a link management platform offer?

It’s a simple and accessible system to manage links for creative purposes that also integrates into your communications ecosystem. It’s collaborative, secure and intelligent – a shortlink can be edited and/or routed by device, language, date, time of day and location- and none of this requires the time of a developer.

A link management platform puts the power of the link in the marketing team’s hands, seamlessly performing tasks that used to require resource-intensive development team time. Flexibility is key – a true link manager should include friendly API integration so you can connect it to any other system you can imagine – social media management, customer engagement, creative campaigns, and beyond!

A link management platform should be easy to use, with tags and filtering to easily search and group links. This makes it quick to view advanced analytics by campaign, time period, social channel – whatever you need.

True link management goes beyond social media - where else can a business use it?

We should be looking at URLs as the ties that hold campaigns together, not an isolated component. Shortlinks have much more potential than just acting as a concise redirect for social media. Businesses can use them throughout their websites, applications, collateral – any time a link is shared or distributed in any form or fashion.

For a real-world example, take a look at Coca-Cola. They're using shortlinks at the point of sale, on packaging, and to harmoniously tie international campaigns together. They have hundreds of marketing teams all over the world, and through BudURL’s link management platform, they share insights and preserve consistency no matter what language they speak.

Why is it a good idea to manage your links outside of your social media management platform? 

The short answer is, social media platforms come and go, but links are pervasive.

Technologies evolve at a staggering pace and the platform that was perfect for your organization last year may no longer be a fit next year. Your links need to persist though, and you shouldn’t be locked into a social platform simply for your links. You need the autonomy to move between platforms as your business needs evolve. When using a link management platform like BudURL, the links are yours – connect them to any platform you’d like via API, and have the freedom to evolve your social tools as your organization evolves.

What is the number one benefit to adopting a link management strategy?

It seems simplistic, but the ability to edit a link. A marketer can quickly re-route traffic on a whim with confidence and efficiency. When using a basic link shortener like Bitly, or the default shortener that comes with your social media management platform, you're stuck if anything changes!

Once a link is routed to one place, whether digital or print, a change could take days or even weeks to update on the production server by a busy development team. Empowering the marketing team with this flexibility is valuable, both from a financial standpoint, in saved resources, and a competitive standpoint, by allowing for a more agile digital strategy. Over the years our team has seen published links where opportunities were missed because the marketers have little to no control over the published content and associated links.

Opportunities pass in hours, not days – what is the cost of a missed opportunity due to resource lag that can be eliminated with a true link management platform?

Who benefits from link management?

Any business, big or small, can benefit from link management. It doesn’t matter the size of your marketing budget, it eliminates a significant pain point that every organization experiences in one way or another. If you don’t have the power to control your links, you’re missing opportunities. The potential of link management lies in the sheer amount of creativity that is possible, with no technical training required.


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